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Leadership Training Programs

1.Change Management** 

One day program on recognizing the different types of change programs in organizations, Preparing your department to become change
ready, systematic approach to create and implement change, communicating throughout all phases of a change effort, addressing
people’s reaction to change and taking care of yourself during a change program. 



One day program on understanding different methods to select the right person for
the job, use different approaches to delegating, supporting, monitoring and tracking the delegated job

3. Leading and Motivating** 

One day program on understanding the difference between managing and leading, recognizing the skills and characteristics of leaders, understanding different leadership styles, creating an inspiring vision and aligning people to achieve it and learn techniques for energizing problem employees

4. Leading Virtual Teams** 

One day program on understanding the benefits and challenges of virtual teams, building a virtual community that promotes collaboration and ongoing communication, motivating a team that you cannot see, utilizing technology to keep a virtual team organized, motivated and productive

** For Middle and Senior Managers
*** For Entry, Middle and Senior Manager

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