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Frequently Asked Questions


Sales training is a mandatory need for every salesperson. Every successful organisation in the world ensures its salespersons undergo trainings regularly on various aspects of selling to remain sharp and most importantly delight their customers and in the process achieve their revenue and margin targets.

 01  Why Salezart?​

-We are Salezart - the exponents of the “Art of Selling".

- We pride in creating Champion Salespersons.We believe that salespeople are not born but made!

- Your training programs will be delivered by our highly experienced sales trainers who are from sales, marketing, and training delivery backgrounds. It is like being coached by a veteran player and a former great.

- We believe that your company and your approach towards customers is different from that of your competitor and hence we customize and deliver training programs and workshops suited to your needs


 02  How Are We Different?

- We not only provide the tried and tested face to face workshops and live webinars, but also have the salesperson friendly, SALEZART ONLINE LEARNING LMS platform for 24X7X365 self-paced learning, assessment, and certification. This means you can continue to keep your salesperson sharp throughout the year. The Salezart LMS also provides a marketing resources library for ensuring the salesperson is able to leverage resources and respond to customers super-fast.

- We also provide FAB based product trainings to complement our sales enablement trainings, thereby making the sales trainings more contextual and relevant.

- Our programs are focussed on driving behaviours to put your company on a leadership path by achieving all the three parameters of growth - Revenue, Margin and Market Shares

 03  What kinds of trainings and interventions we provide?

- We provide all kinds of sales trainings and certifications for all levels of salespersons from beginners to experts, from individual contributors to team leaders.

- Some of the trainings we provide are listed below.
















 04  How To Get In Touch With Us?

Write to us at or We promise a quick revert.


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