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- Founder, Managing Director and Sales Guru

- Passionate about Sales training, especially ‘ethical selling’

- Close to three decades of experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Training and Consulting

- Worked in senior leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies like HP, AMD

- Trained tens of thousands of salespersons over last 8 years in Salezart

- Author of the best selling sales self-help book, “DNA of a Champion Salesperson”

P Raghuraman (aka The Sales Samurai)


Arjun Onkarnath (aka The Tech Ninja)

- Co-Pilot, Lead trainer and Tech Guru

- Passionate about technology

- Leads Salezart LMS Online App operations

- More than two decades of experience in retail sales trainings, technology and market research

- Trained tens of thousands of retailers and retail salespersons selling leading consumer technology brands

- Armed with leading national and international certifications

Nandini Kalra (aka The Enterprise Wizard)


- Foremost enterprise sales expert

- More than three decades of experience in Sales and technology training

- Has trained thousands of enterprise and commercial salespersons

- Has helped thousands of customers decide on the right technology solution for their enterprise

- Knows in and out of datacenters, cloud computing, high performance computing and more


Shubham Sheoran (aka The Support Spartan)

- Manages Salezart LMS Operations

- A mechanical engineer with passionate for learning anything new

- Detail oriented. Loves Reports and Analytics.

- Creator of “Salezart Tech Ki Baat” the must learn and super popular foundation course for salespersons across industries to understand basic technologies that can make them extremely productive in their jobs

- Helping spearhead learning in vernacular languages

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- Manages Salezart LMS Operations

- Always ready to help. Interfaces with thousands of our online learners to help them learn smoothly and happily

- Drives “marketing communications”. Consistently communicates with users through different digital channels to keep them updated.

- Helps in content creation

Aditya Sharma (aka The Action Knight)

Picture 3.png

Hitesh Motwani (aka The Digital Marketing Mogul)

- Proven digital media expert & an international speaker.

- Specialises in consulting & training large to medium scale organisation from CXOs to marketing heads

- Enjoys coaching and mentoring

- Drives projects related to Digital Technologies, Digital Marketing, Social media, public relations, corporate communications and branding

- Conducts workshops on B2B marketing, Creative thinking, validating business idea, Digitisation and media training.

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