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Managing Business Training Programs

1.Decision Making** 


One dayprogram on understanding how to makesuccessful and ethical business decisions,understanding the obstacles and issuesrelated to making that decision, evaluatealternatives, making final decision,communicating and implementing thedecision.


2. Business Plan development


One day program on understanding thekinds of information that need to becontained in a successful business plan,Presenting the business plan to youraudience so that they understand what youare saying and what you need from them tosupport the business plan


3. Ethics at work***


One day program on understanding the importance of conducting business ethically, applying a structured framework to resolve “right-versus-wrong” ethical dilemmas, build a culture of integrity among employees, customers and other stakeholders

4. Innovation, Creativity and Implementation*** 


One day program on how to draft a vision statement for your innovative idea, build a business case for your innovation, Communicating the idea effectively to get necessary approvals and resources, managing resistance, building an environment for creativity



One day program on understanding the types of negotiations, preparing for one, conducting and closing a negotiation, ensuring win-win closure, avoiding common errors and barriers to agreement

** For Middle and Senior Managers
*** For Entry, Middle and Senior Manager

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