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High Performance Employee Training Programs

1.Goal Setting*** 


One day program on establishing goals,
breaking down goals into manageable tasks and assess your progress as you move toward your goals

2.Managing Upward** 


One day program on how to develop
strategies for understanding your
manager’s goals and preferred
working style, build a better working
relationship with your manager
through effective communication and
negotiation techniques.

3. Persuading Others**


One day program on understanding what
persuasion is,building your redibility, 

gaugIng your audience’s receptiveness, appealing to listeners and connecting emotionally,

4.Communication Skills*** 

One day program on improving presentation and writing skills to succeed in work environment

5. Time Management*** 


One day program analyzing how you spend your time currently and
identify opportunities for improvement, planning your time effectively using tools, controlling time wasters and putting the learning in to action

6. Stress Management**

One day program on understanding stress and worry in workplace, ways to manage stress, develop strategies for turning worry into action, practice good stress habits

** For Middle and Senior Managers
*** For Entry, Middle and Senior Manager

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