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Front-end Sales People – Customer Facing


1.“Dus-Ka-Dum” - Retail Sales Excellence –


Training program for retail sales persons on the shop floor to help attract and influence customers, listening, questioning and objection handling, Selling benefits rather than features, negotiating and closing, upselling and cross-selling

2. B2B Corporate Sales –

Prospecting and Building a funnel, Managing
Large Accounts, Maintaining a Target
Account Template, Pitching your product or
service in different situations – elevator
pitch, board room pitch, conference room
pitch, making solid proposals,
understanding buying process, overcoming
objections, handling competition,
negotiating and closing the sale, ensuring
customer satisfaction post sale closure


Front-end Sales People – Dealer/Partner Facing


3. Distribution Partner Management –


Customized and in-depth Training program for brand sales managers managing large size distribution partners


4. Retail Channel Management -

Customized and in-depth training program for
channel sales managers of both brand and
distribution partners handling small to large
Retail Accounts

5.Commercial Channel Management -


Customized and in-depth training program for channel sales managers handling small to large sized commercial/ B2B/Solution VARs

Sales Excellence Training Programs

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