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DNA of a Champion Salesperson - Book Launch

“Sales people are not born”! They are made” Remember this line, whenever you feel frustrated in your sales job or if you are scared of taking up a sales career? Look around you! Everybody in the world is selling something or the other to somebody. Only by convincing others, you get to sell your ideas, products, solutions and services and in return get what you want. No wonder, majority of CEOs, business men and successful people in every profession are expert sales people! Being successful in Sales is the fastest way to earn wealth and progress in career. Nobody is a born sales person, sales like any other art form can be learned, practiced and mastered. To be super successful in life the art of sales should come as natural as breathing. Are there some mantras or set of codes which will make you successful in your sales profession? DNA of a champion sales person shares ten wonderful traits that will transform you into a super effective sales professional who will attract success not only in your business but all the walks of your life.

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